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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 14, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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song in spanish. rob: finally the ugly. look at this nasty. heather: lost control, slammed into a pole and landed on her leg. rob: gives you the creeps. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> the president's attorney general vigorously denies expiring with the russians for last fall's election. >> i to suggest that i participated in any collusion is an appalling lie. >> are you like james bourn or james bond movie. >> yes, i do. >> basically uncovered or sort of exposed the absurdity of this whole exercise. >> and massive fire in a high rise out of london. >> help me, help me. >> an american college student detained in north korea for 14 months is back in cincinnati, ohio. >> you have the democrats on the other side who truly
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have become obstructionists, even their new motto resist, and i guess it's a pretty accurate motto. >> we are here to talk about the dignity of work and the greatness of the american worker. it's called earn while you learn. i know the name apprentice. [laughter] ♪ ♪ ♪ put your name at the top of his list ♪ and the statue of liberty started shaking her fist ♪ and the eagle will fly steve: live from new york city in hoboken can, new jersey we are marking flag day the 14th day of june with janice dean live.
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she is about, ladies and gentlemen, to unfurled the world largest free flying american flag. abby: you have seen the biggest flag? brian: biggest flag in our nation's history i believe is at the smithsonian they used to fly over mchenry. steve: there is a big one there actually there is another big one that they unfurl on flag day on the george washington bridge. she is going to go up in a hot air balloon and unfurl. abby: she is excited. brian brian she didn't know why she was in a basket. steve: today she is officially a basket case. brian: i have to make an announcement. the denting has begun. suddenly there is always a wedge for my body on the couch. the denting has begun on the new couch. steve: hold on on a second, brine. it is flag day and the president's 71st birthday and you talked about how the
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couch is denting. abby huntsman good to have you here today. brian: you missed last weekend. abby: spent all your time building this by hand it's beautiful. brian: i got myself a sawsall. steve: keep in mind that part of the couch lumpy. abby: good morning to all of you. we want to start with headlines we are watching closely. jillian? jillian: we do have headlines we want to get to. a massive fire burning through a high rise leaving 50 people dead. there are concerns the building may collapse. witnesses watching in horror as trapped residents scream for help and wave flags. the fire starting early in the morning when most people were sleeping. at this hour the fire is still burning. the cause, excuse me, is under investigation. there was work being done at that building. we will stay on top of that and keep you updated with the very latest.
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u.s. college student back on american soil this morning after being imprisoned in north korea for more than 17 months. 22-year-old warmbier arriving in cincinnati where he was taken to the hospital in a coma. he contracted botulism last march after being sentenced 15 years of hard labor for trying to steal a political poster. other details about his condition are unknown. the white house calling his release a major victory. happening right now, a nationwide manhunt for a paver escaped inmates who killed two prison guards. donnie roe and ricky devoe overpowered the guards on a prison bus. this happened outside of atlanta, shooting them with their own guns. >> i saw two brutally murdered corrections officers. that's what i saw. i had their blood on my shoes. jillian: they are on the run in a green honda civic that they carjacked. both men have long histories of violent crimes. roe is serving life without pick and roll.
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policparole. police offering $70,000 reward. highest honor for the first time. veteran army medic will be recognized with medal of honor for his incredible bravery in vietnam. he saved 10 wounded soldiers, carrying each of them out of the heavy fire fight getting injured by shrapnel in the process. >> i was doing my job. i want you to know that. that's the job that was given me, and my father told me at a very young age, if you're given a job, son, don't do it halfway. i love those guys and i know they love me. jillian: the ceremony is set for july 21st. we do want to clarify one thing by the way the london fire story we just mentioned minutes ago we don't know the number of dead but 50 people are in the hospital. that is magic story coming out of london. brian: no way to take down when a building of that size
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goes on fire, we still don't know how to put it out quickly. steve: got to have the right equipment. jillian, thank you very much. let's talk about this. i'm sure you saw it yesterday on the channel. jeff sessions the attorney general for the united states of america, he was strong, and he was combative when he needed to be because he wanted to make it very clear we got a bunch of sound bites for you this morning. first up, this whole thing about russian collusion if you think i did that you -- well, let him talk. >> i was your colleague in this body for 20 years, at least some of you. and i participated -- and the suggestion that i participated in any collusion that i was aware of any collusion with the russian government to hurt this country, which i have served with honor for 35 years, or to undermine the integrity of our democratic process is an appalling and
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detest tab lie. steve: strong. abby: i actually thought that might have been his strongest moment because that came on pretty early in the hearing. he is sitting there. you will remember he has been in the senate for 20 years. i'm sitting amongst many of my friends. many of you know me very, very well. i have worked for this country for almost 40 years. do you think i'm going to undermine this nation? that was a really strong moment for him. britain brian especially if you come up in the cold war. the worst thing you could do is collude with the soviets now the russians support a guy clearly donald trump. even for a family member i wouldn't give up for my country for that he covered a few other points. why he recused himself is interesting. i was involved with a campaign. as soon as the trump campaign got investigated, was the subject of it, i had to recuse myself. now, he would not answer questions about did you have a heated exchange with the president at any moment? did he ask for your resignation? what about when james comey -- did james comey tell you he was
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uncomfortable being one-on-one with the president? he said he did say that but he didn't think this was that gig of deal. he didn't complain about any other things. steve: if you look at elizabeth warren's twitter feed. brian: why would you do that? steve: it was in the packet. i was reading it for entertainment purposes. it was hilarious because it wasn't true. jeff sessions had to recuse himself because he had lied about russia. that's not true. he made it clear yesterday there is a long standing department of justice rule where if you are involved in an investigation of a campaign you worked on, have you got to step aside. abby: right. brian: the story should have been yesterday. if we are really doing. this collusion is in our rear view mirror. if you look at joe manchin. dianne feinstein, adam schiff, they all agree on one thing. they can't find any evidence of collusion. james clapper. i'm talking about people who want to find collusion. abby: i didn't see those headlines this morning anywhere.
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steve: politics. brian: focus could have been on the 39 states that were breached, evidently by russian hackers prior to the election. didn't effect the results just the fact they were able to get the software. if you are the senate intelligence committee that should have been your focus. steve: mr. sessions was talking about you have known me for decades. you know this is crap. you know it's politics. and, yet, at one point, when the new senator from the great state of california was interrogating mr. sessions, the chairman had to step in and say let him answer the question. it was very combative. the democrats know this is politics. >> mr. comey said that there were matters with respect to the recusal that were problematic and he couldn't talk about them. what are they? >> there are none. i can tell you that for salute certainty. this is a secret innuendo being leaked out there about me. people are suggesting
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through innuendo that i have been not honest about matters and i have tried to be honest. >> did you have any communication with any russian businessmen or any russian nationals? >> i don't believe i had any conversation with russian businessmen or russian nationals. >> are you aware of -- >> -- a lot of people were at the convention. it's conceivable that somebody. >> sir, i have just -- >> -- well you let me qualify it if i don't qualify it, you will accuse me of lying. so i need to be correct as best i can. >> i could want you to be honest. >> i'm not able to be rushed this fast. it makes me nervous. >> is the basis of that unwillingness to answer based on executive privilege? >> it's long standing policy the department of justice not to comment on conversations that the attorney general has had with the president of the united states. >> does that mean are you claiming executive privilege here today, sir? >> i'm not claiming
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executive privilege because that's the president's power. brain brian collusion with the russians right off the top. he made it clear. there is nothing there. so i can't help but think this is just a name of gotcha. think about the media. think about the democrats. think are trying to find moments. brian: are you talking about the mayflower hotel? steve: yeah. he said he didn't remember
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anything about that. at one point he made it very clear the collusion story is like alice in wonderland thing. looking through the looking glass. steve: when tom cotton realized. everybody is intier gating -- a number of people were interrogating him like he was an actual kgb agent he would have been found with microfilm in his pocket. tom cotton had this exchange with the ag. he really did. stand by. here we go. we found the tape. they are looking for the number. they're going. abby: it's really funny. steve: they found it. >> do you like spy fiction. jason matthews? >> alley first. david ignatius. >> do you like jason bourn or james bond movies? >> no -- yes, i do. >> have you ever in any of these fantastical situations heard of a plot line so
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ridiculous that a sitting united states senator and an ambassador of a foreign government colluded at an open setting with hundreds of other people to pull off the greatest caper in the history of espionage? >> thank you for saying that, senator cotton. it's just like through the looking glass. i mean what is this? brian: that's why he wanted to be out there in open forum. he has nothing to hide. he was saying he might have brushed against an ambassador at the mayflower hotel. is that the alleged third meeting? steve: tom cotton said the only potential crimes that we know about that have happened are the leaks. abby: i think we all needed that moment. you could see it on his face it was like thank you. brian: 13 minutes after the hour. straight ahead. many in the media saying the golden state warriors refusing to meet with president trump. is that true? is that real? we will set the record straight. abby: we just telling you about north korea releasing american student otto
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otto warmbier has finally been released from north korea. in a coma though for more than a year back on american soil. three ot north korea. county trump administration get them freed through diplomacy. what happened to this guy? here to discuss is fox news contributor former white house national security member under president bush and president obama gillian turner. gillian, what does this signal to you the release of him? by the way in the condition he is in? a coma? >> well, it's heart breaking from a human point of view. from a policy perspective, the fact that he was released by the north koreans bodes well for the other americans trapped illegally inside that country. a month ago if you would have asked me this question i would have said you know, brian, as much as i hope and i pray that they will be released, there's no chance. but in the wake of this, i think this opens up some new opportunities. brian: couple of things could they have released him because dying in north korea custody is murder. and number two, could it be
3:19 am
because dennis rodman, one of the most bizarre americans landed in north korea to meet one of the most bizarre leaders? >> so the dennis rodman theory is alive and well and legitimate concerned international policy communities inside washington. it sounds like a far fetched crazy idea and it is. it is also a real possibility. i don't know the answer ultimately on the inside right now but it's a possibility. brian: north korea watchers show they are looking to talk. do you see it that way? >> i don't see it that way personally as much as it pain me to say that i wish this was a regime that was not rogue and crazy and most remote regime on earth. they are not interested in talking to us. ultimately, anything that they renege. any inch of space they give our president will be because of threats. brian: back door diplomacy could be happening because we have no diplomatic relations but we thought china was going to bring some semblance of
3:20 am
decency or pressure to their surrogate. are they? >> i don't think that president trump has put that behind him. i think he is still working that probably on a daily basis as his best option forward. to me, as a policy observer, and someone who used to work on this stuff, china is still our best option forward. i don't think president trump is going to let that go. he might publicly, but i don't think he is going to stop pressuring them until -- maybe he won't ever stop. brian: they have a healthy college student. he comes back in a coma near death and there has to be some retribution for that. >> there absolutely must and there will be retribution. if it's done very well by the intelligence community and the special ops community, we won't know about it or at least we won't know about it until a while after it's happened. it's a heart breaking story. brian: believe it or not, dennis rodman probably knows more than most. gillian turner, thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. brian: one of president trump's major promises. >> seal up that border.
3:21 am
we're going to build a wall. i will build a wall don't even think about it. we will build a great wall. brian: moments ago we found out when it will get built. and this high school graduate wanted to include a prayer in her graduation speech, but the school says the words are really -- it's ok that everybody ignores me when i drive. it's fine. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom?
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okay, what do we got? okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. ♪ ♪ steve: a pennsylvania high school censoring a student's graduation speech because she wanted to thank god. mariah bridges hoped to include a prayer including these words "lord, surround us with grace and favor everywhere we go." the school said her speech would have broken the law so she was forced to write a whole new one. now she says the school district violated her first amendment rights. joining us now is high school
3:25 am
graduate mariah bridges and her attorney jeremy bryce with the first liberty institute. they join us from near pittsburgh. good morning to both of you. >> good morning, steve. >> good morning. thank you for having us. steve: good morning to you, mariah. why did you want to thank god in your address before the graduates? >> my faith has always been a big part of my identity and so when i went to write my closing remarks it was more genuine to be true to myself and to thank god in that when giving my best wishes to my classmates. steve: absolutely. you wanted to thank your parents and the teachers and coaches and everything else, right? >> absolutely. steve: okay. and then at what point did you find out that the school district had eyeballed your address and said that that simply would not do, that you couldn't possibly say any of those things? >> only two days before commencement. steve: and were you shocked? >> i was completely taken aback. steve: what was reason they said they would not allow you to say those things?
3:26 am
>> they said that it was illegal but i'm learning that it's not. steve: they said it was illegal to talk about god. jeremy. >> they did. steve: jeremy, is that true, would that speech have broken the law. >> no, not at all. the supreme court has been clear about this that students retain their civil rights, their constitutional rights when they walk through the schoolhouse gates and all the way through the graduation ceremony. folks can go to first to read the letter we have sent the school district here to rebehind them what the law actually is and remind them that the department of education has said to us and to them that in their guidelines that students when they maintain primary control over their remarks, asthma rye a did, are able to reference their religious beliefs and the school district is not permitted to tell them to espouse only a secular belief. that's discrimination and it violates the constitution. steve: we have a statement from the principal who says students may still address their class but they may not do it in the style of a prayer
3:27 am
and most certainly may not recite a prayer ethics includes other religions by ending in the name of our lord and savior, jesus christ, or in the matchless name of jesus. is that accurate, jeremy? >> no. look. this is a private speech given by mariah. it's her private remarks. the first amendment fully protects those remarks. even in the graduation ceremony. so for the school district to say we want you to be able to provide inspirational comments during the ceremony but those comments cannot be religious that, in fact, violates the constitution. we call that viewpoint discrimination and it's wrong. steve: mariah, it seems like the last lesson you learned from your school district was that you had to hide your religious beliefs. >> absolutely. which was disappointing because it was my only opportunity to speak at my high school commencement. steve: what were you going to say? what would you like to say right now? >> i just want to tell everyone in the class of 2017, my fellow classmates that even if i wasn't given the opportunity to pray for them
3:28 am
at commencement that they are still in my prayers and god bless them and i wish only the best for them. steve: all right. mariah bridges and jeremy dice thank you both for joining us today from near pittsburgh. >> thanks, steve. >> >> thank you. steve: what do you think about that? email us at, tweet or facebook us as well. the media saying the golden state warriors have refused to meet with president trump after winning the nba title. you know what? that could be just #fake news. we are going to set et record straight coming up. we are going to celebrate today june 14th flag day in a very big way with janice dean. >> the 240th birthday of our american flag. we are going to fire this balloon up, the world's biggest american flag. five stories high. almost 80-foot wide. and it was built in 2002 just after 9/11. it's commemorating flag day. and we are going to get this raised up into the sky and fly
3:29 am
this balloon during "fox & friends." so stay with us. the sky is clear. i'm ready for a friday. back inside. ♪ because this is my right ♪ i'm talking about freedom ♪ talking about freedom ♪ you love them together, but you've never had 'em quite like this. at red lobster's lobster & shrimp summerfest, the lobster and shrimp you love are teaming up in so many new ways. like new coastal lobster and shrimp, with a lobster tail with butter and herbs, sweet, smoky bbq red shrimp, and shrimp crusted with...get this...cape cod kettle chips. or try lobster and shrimp overboard. a dish this good... makes you this hungry. it's the highlight of the season, and can't last. so hurry in.
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so find a venus smooth that contours to curves, the smoother the skin, the more comfortable you are in it. flexes for comfort, and has a disposable made for you. skin smoothing venus razors. ♪ abby: and we are back with a fox news alert. at least six people are now dead as a massive fire tears through a london high rise overnight. look at that. steve: no kidding. dozens more rushed to the hospital there. there are now concerns that that high rise could actually collapse. grornl brian brian foreign affairs correspondent benjamin hall is on the scene live in london with the very latest.
3:33 am
two terror attacks and now this, benjamin. what's going on? >> >> brian, steven, ainsley. this news cycle just doesn't seem to end. tragic story after dead tragic story e a deadly fire overnight. 10 hours after the fire started and still flames erupting from some of these windows it began as we know just before 1:00 a.m., hundreds managed to escape but we do not know yet how many were trapped inside. 120 apartments inside the building. over 500 residents. it was a massive operation overnight. 45 fire engines. over 200 firemen, some of whom were here in just six minutes, but the fire commissioner saying in 29 years he has never seen anything like this. we know that children and elderly are among the missing. six as you say are confirmed dead but we expect that number to rise. and smoke still pouring from the building as they try to assess the real toll here. it began on the fourth floor and spread quickly up to the 24 floors.
3:34 am
i can tell you stories from the inside are chilling. >> we could hear people screaming help me, help me. flashing their phone lights to let people know they were there. i can't believe it. >> we also heard of people using sheets to try to climb out of windows and people watching as survivors desperately called out from their roomed. it was built in 1974, this building. just a couple years ago it had a 30 million redevelopment. but apparently only cosmetic. they didn't put in fire exits and didn't put in sprinklers. the anger is palpable and people are saying this is murder and being questions being asked why wasn't more being done here especially when it was documented fire hazards. six confirmed dead and expected to rise soon. we will bring true that from the scene. brian: ben-in gentleman anyone do we have any idea thousand started.
3:35 am
>> is it started fourth floor. because of the flatting they put on the building that is said to blame for taking off so quickly. abby: benjamin hall, thank you. so heart breaking. steve: put a new outside on the building for cosmetic purposes but didn't put any fire exits nor sprinklers in that. that is a big problem. abby: one place you are supposed to be at safe is at home. steve: you would hope. 25 minutes before the top of the hour on this wednesday. jillian joins us with news from the commonwealth of virginia. jillian: that's right. good morning to you at home. the race for calvar -- gillespie he will face ralph in november. one of them will replace governor terry mcauliff, a fierce hillary clinton supporter who is rumored to be gearing up for a presidential run in 2020. and it was one of president trump's signature campaign
3:36 am
promises. >> seal that up border. we're going to build a wall. >> i will build a wall. don't even think about it. >> we will build a great wall. jillian: turns out that could happen sooner than many people thought. the acting border patrol chief telling congress that construction could start as soon as march. we will keep you posted. fake news aimed at president trump busted hours after spreading around the internet it started with cnbc josh brown on twitter claiming nba champions golden state warriors are quote skipping the white house visit as a unanimous team decision per reports. that has been deleted after the team says there is no decision or even invitation. just retweeted verified users on twitter said it earlier this morning. i have no idea if it's true hence per reports. okay. remember of the guy who wanted prison shackles instead of the old ball and chain.
3:37 am
plans back fired. sentenced to six months of house arrest for robbing a bank after handing a bank teller a note demanding cash in kansas estimate he waited for cops to arrive. he told prosecutors he would rather be at home than at jail with his wife. now the only place he can be is at home with his wife. those are a look yacht at&t your headlines. abby: that the most bizarre story. thank you so much. steve: thanks, gizelleian. brian: tell you day, too it's june 14th. abby: november 4th. brian: november is a great month too. flag day honoring stars and stripes with a visit to the largest free flying american flag. steve: for that janice dean has gone to hoboken, new jersey, former home of frank sin nate that. she has it her way with a big flag today. janice: i had it my way. let's talk to barry because we are inflating this giant
3:38 am
american flag and, barry you are the creator and pilot of this. tell me how this came about. >> my wife had wanted it for years and i said nbecause these are incredibly expensive to build. then the day 9/11 happened. my wife came out withdrawings with tears in her eyes and watching it on fox. she said now is the time to build. this we ordered it the next week. it started in may of 2002 and for 15 years we go around the country with the balloon and pnc has sponsored for this the whole time it has been great. janice: it is the largest american flag. >> largest flying american flag. when you see it in the sky, it is a flying american flag. it's awesome. it's an faa registered aircraft. janice: you arpaio lot. this is what you do. >> i am an faa certified pilot. janice: tell us what is going on right now. this is a labor of love here. a lot of folks have to be out here to help inflate. this a lot of volunteerism to get this to go.
3:39 am
we are pushing cold air into this. called cold packing. after we get it fully inflated with keeled air. check all the mechanisms inside to make sure it's okay. using burniers to shoot the hot air into it and stand it up. janice: sounds very scientific? >> very scientific. hot air go up. janice: science is my game and weather has to cooperate. we have some pretty good rain buff this happened, but hopefully skies will clear. can you fly it in the rain. >> no. you really shouldn't fly it in the rain it becomes heavy. just like the space shuttle it gets water on it and freezes. with this it increases the weight on and it puts stress on the aircraft. janice: the pressure is on. the weather is going to be good for this. do i get to fly? >> certainly. we get it up, you are going. in. janice: thank you for celebrating flag day with us, barey. >> thank you for being with us. janice: all morning long we will watch it inflate. how long does it take. >> 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes. janice: you have to stay with
3:40 am
us, steve, abby, and brian, we are going to be flying in america's largest flag for flag day. abby: i cannot wait for that i want barry's jacket. steve: is he a proud american. j.d. from hok hoboken. brian: no one is blowing that with their mouth that is a compressor. abby: i would love to see them try. brian: me too. democrats laughed at president trump when he said there was widespread voter fraud from the election. >> there is no evidence to support what the president has said. the fact is that it's a non--so -- brian: i know what you mean. one reporter just found out dead people, minors, and noncitizens were on the indiana voter rolls. the reporter owho broke that story next. abby: setting up for a military job fair out on our plaza this morning. the rain is gone. and the show is going on. stick with us.
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♪ ♪ brian: so glad you're up. quick headlines now. president trump giving the pentagon it's power back. opening up the door to send more troops to afghanistan. the move comes after the secretary of defense james mattis testified the taliban is surging and we are not winning. thousands more troops could be added to the already 8400 stationed in afghanistan. and a major step forward in the fight for v.a. reform. house overwhelming approving a new bill, sending it to the white house for president trump's signature it will make it easier for the v.a. to fire employees and improve accountability and boost protections for whistle
3:45 am
blowers. that's good news. and that's legislation. steve: meanwhile, what do a felon, a non-u.s. citizen, and a dead person all have in common? well it turns out they were all registered to vote in the great state of indiana. abby: the indiana voter registration project under investigation for fraud and employees are facing prison time and thousands of dollars in fines. brian: here to tell us more is the reporter who broke this story tony cook with the indianapolis star. tony, how did you go about proving this? >> well, there has been an ongoing indiana state police investigation for several months. this dates back to august, well before the election. and what prosecutors have now alleged is that 12 people affiliated with this group, mostly canvassers for this group submitted voter registration forms for people who were either fictitious or hadn't given them permission to submit registration forms on their behalf. brian: sure.
3:46 am
>> among those people were the folk that's just listed. a felon, someone who was not a u.s. citizen, a minor, and others. and in some cases they were just registering family members whose birthdays they happened to know. other cases looking up names in phone book and filling it out that way. yeah, that's what's been going on here in indianapolis. steve: tony, you know a lot of groups have canvassers who go out and try to find more people to vote. that's a good thing. however, when you break the rules, that's a bad thing. in this case the canvassers were pressured, according to your report, to do a certain number per day or they wouldn't get paid, right? >> right. canvassers told police that they were expected to get at least 10 voter registrations per shift. and that if they didn't, they wouldn't be called back for work. so, they felt pressure to get those 10 registrations. if it was getting close to the end of their shift, and they didn't have that number in some cases they would fill out
3:47 am
information fraudulently according to prosecutors. abby: tony, what was the reaction been to your reporting? you think there would be more national attention when something like this is found out. >> yeah. well, i think one of the things to keep in mind is that the prosecutor in marion county says there is no evidence that any of these voter registration forms that were fraudulent resulted in anybody voting who wasn't supposed to be voting. and there is also not any evidence that anybody was disenfranchised because of this. although one individual whose information was used without his permission said he did have trouble when he went to the polls because his name appeared in the voter rolls multiple times. obviously this is a huge concern but there is not necessarily evidence that anybody voted who wasn't supposed to vote. brian: right. because they are on the rolls doesn't mean a dead person showed up to vote also think
3:48 am
there is something fundamentally wrong with the system. get financial incentives off canvassers. profit motive getting you to push people. make names up or put dead people on these rolls, right? >> right. regardless of the political affiliation of this group, it does appear that the motive here for these canvassers was to stay employed, not necessarily to, you know, sway the election in one political direction or another. so that is certainly something -- i wouldn't be surprised if indiana lawmakers take a look at this and think about ways to legislate this so that you don't necessarily have a profit motive driving individuals to create fictitious registrations. steve: no kidding. abby: great reporting on your part, tony. great to have you with us this morning. appreciate that. >> thank you. steve: still ahead on this wednesday. newt gingrich versus the
3:49 am
ladies of "the view" on the coverage of president trump. >> all noisy but wasn't all positive. >> 8% of it was positive, newt. >> not. >> i know what i saw. steve: newt gingrich was live next. new book called "understanding trump. [. abby: sessions but media is focused on the font size ♪ don't foredetective to say you will ♪ don't forget to say you will ♪ say you will ♪ say it right now ♪ say you will ♪ come on ♪ say you will ♪
3:50 am
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3:53 am
♪ >> that i participated in any collusion that i was aware of any of collusion with the russian government to hurt this country which i have served with honor for 35 years, or to undermine the integrity of our democratic process is an appalling and detestable lie. abby: that was attorney general jeff sessions coming out swinging yesterday before the senate intel committee. how did the mainstream media react to his testimony? here to react is radio talk show host and talk show contributor tammy bruce. good to have you here. >> good morning. abby: we were watching this all play out yesterday. watching another network as they were laying out what you were going to be watching. one person in particular chuck todd said he need today reestablish his own credibility. this is before anything ever began. take a listen. >> i think jeff sessions has a couple of different challenges and they may be in competition
3:54 am
with each other. on one hand he has to establish his own credibility to lead a justice department that feels like it's been badly damaged politically. abby: tammy, reestablish what credibility? >> remarkable. this is classic example of someone trying to establish the tone and the attitude of the viewer before the event even occurs. so it's the ultimate in bias. you are not even reporting on something. but clearly he also went into this notion that as you heard the fbi's damaged, that there is some credibility that's hurt. that everything though he noted and that he had to explain the russia meetings. all of which was false. so not only is he trying to interfere with the viewer -- the impact on the viewer of the event, but he is also trying to do that by presenting things that are false demonstrably or just opinion in this regard versus of course news. abby: used to be the fact that the journalist would lay out the facts help you understand what you are watching. now it sounds like a big game of gotcha.
3:55 am
after the hearings ended cnn saying that sessions was hiding behind a statue in his words of his own invention. >> attorney general sessions virtually refused to answer virtually all questions about his interactions with the president. he did so without formally citing executive privilege, referring to some confidentiality, which was apparently of his own invention. abby: when i saw this exchange happen yesterday i knew that the mainstream media would go nuts over it. it was so predictable. >> mr. tuben is a lawyer and he understands that confidentiality is not something that's made up by people. every member of the cabinet has got to be able to have a conversation with the president that is confidential. it is in and of itself work product. while it might not be top secret we learned with the hillary emails when someone in the cabinet produces something that you have got to be able to take it seriously. when tuben there also knows and everybody knew that in fact mr. sessions, the attorney general wasn't going
3:56 am
to be able to answer some questions because of that. abby: i didn'i can't believe hau a "the washington post" reporter who actually spent time focusing not on what was said in these hearings but on the font size of the comments that jeff sessions was reading from. you saw the paper he was holding up. >> that's right. abby: this is unbelievable. look a this article here it says look at the font size. >> this is what "the washington post" reporter while it's happening that she thinks that's what is news. that's a typical thing to do, of course. >> she is a reporter, quote, unquote journalist, right? >> exactly. it's a typical thing when you are reading from a podium. it's large err font so you can do it smoothly and that's a silly, petty thing i think to do. abby: good thing we have you to break it all down. >> my flesh. abby: the president's travel ban be held up in court, what if someone is hurt while opponents try to kill it should they face chargers or even jail time? whoopi goldberg has an alternate vie view than newt gingrich it?
3:57 am
>> was all noisy but not positive. >> 98% of it was positive, newt. >> i don't agree with it. abby: newt gingrich will get a chance to speak with us. there he is at the top of the hour. come on, in sir. ♪ with big brown eyes it's ok that everybody ignores me when i drive. it's fine. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom? i have a brand new putter you don't even know about!
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4:00 am
>> the president's attorney general vigorously denies conspiring with the russians to fix last fall's election. >> to suggest that i participated in any collusion is an appalling and detestable lie. >> you aryou like jason bourn os bond movies. >> no -- yes, i do. >> basically uncovered or sort of exposed the absurdity of this whole exercise. >> a massive fire in a high rise out of london. >> people screaming help me, help me. >> american college student detained in north korea for 17 months in bac is back in cincin, ohio. >> have you the democrats on
4:01 am
the other side who have truly become obstructionists. even their new motto resist. i guess it's a pretty accurate motto. >> we are here to talk about the dignity of work and the greatness of the american worker. it's called earn while you learn. i love the name apprentice. good word. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [yankee doodle] ♪
4:02 am
steve: well, it is flag day the 14th day of june, also our president's birthday. there, ladies and gentlemen, the largest flying american flag out in hoboken, new jersey. abby: you can see how small the people are next to it to give you a sense how big this thing is. brian: honey, i shrunk janice dean. it's the birthday of the army on top of that so it's a big day all around. abby: and the birthday of the president. brian: also day two of the release of newt gingrich's book. steve: are you talking about this one right here understanding trump written by this man right here. mr. speaker if you understand trump you know has a problem he wants to fix it. this russia thing is not going away. jeff sessions go out and tell what you know. >> every republican ought to study sessions. he was angry. he was direct. he took on the left head on. he raised the right emotional tone. you know, republicans have got to realize this is a real war. the left wants to destroy them.
4:03 am
and being passive and being slow doesn't count. brian: louie gohmert hopped on and said he was disappointed in the republican party. why am i the only one out here. they went dark instead of going to bat for their party and president. >> comey gave them so much information. they could have spoke all weekend every town hall in the country just on what comey revealed. brian: so clear after the attorney general yesterday, there isn't. here is jeff sessions talking about collusion. >> i was your colleague in this body for 20 years, at least some of you, and i participated -- and the suggestion that i participated in any collusion that i was aware of any collusion with the russian government to hurt this country, which i have served with honor for 35 years or to undermine the integrity
4:04 am
of our democratic process is an appal and detestable lie. >> now, take that clip. if every republican could learn the tone and the intensity and every time a democrat attacks them on healthcare turn and say wait a second, you passed obamacare, you destroyed the insurance system. you left millions of people without coverage. how can you even talk to us when you haven't got the guts to reform anything. abby: american people are wondering when this is going to end. you said the democrats are not going to let it go no matter what is said from the republican side. >> i'm going to predict right now. the floor against trump will end on january 20th, 20025 as he leaves office. brian: two terms. >> new war will start against pence or somebody. because if we elect a republican to follow trump, the left is going to keep going crazy. abby: that's not fair to the american people. they say we want to talk about healthcare as you just mentioned. we want to talk about the economy. we want to talk about national security. >> sure. abby: all we have heard since he has been president across
4:05 am
the media is the russian collusion. >> part of that is trump's problem. reagan knew -- trump, for example, the house just passed a really important veterans administration bill. one of the most important reform bills ever for the veterans administration. >> make healthcare electronic. >> better people to run the place. dr. shulkin is maybe the post effective veterans administration we have ever seen. tremendous guy. they need to take an entire week to talk about all of their accomplishment with the veterans to make it impossible for. so networks to avoid them. steve: newt, don't you think part of jeff sessions, the attorney general's, his frustration when he is there with people he had worked with for many, many years is come on, you people, you know this is a made up story. some of you, you people sitting on that side are making me sound like i'm a kgb agent that you just discovered. >> one of the great problems republicans have is they come out of a culture where they think we are going to be reasonable. the other side is in the super bowl with full pads coming
4:06 am
straight at you to knock you on your butt. they are all counting on gee, this really isn't very nice. no, it's not. the democrats are fighting for power. they think their very ideological way of life is at stake. brian: yesterday i'm flipping around because i watched former jeff sessions talking about as attorney general why recuse myself? it makes sense. i have toe could you see myself. i was with the campaign. how can i run that collusion. are you kidding me, a passing meeting in the mayflower with 1,000 people? it was so effective that they were forced to talk about healthcare. talking about issues. weather sessions is effective then all of the sudden they are going to have to talk about policy. because when the president makes it easy for them, they are able to make this a soap opera. >> calista's band was in
4:07 am
france last week playing in normandy. last part in paris. five in the band north dam with when the guy with the hammer attacked the police. they are locked out north dam. modern area. they put on their cell phones. they are going back and forth between bbc and one of your competitors who is viciously anti-trump. bbc is covering the terrorist of north dam. anti-trump network is attacking trump. they said unbelievable to watch. abby: perfect segue way here. you might have been the bravest person on television yesterday. you went on "the view." did you a great job. there was one exchange had you with whoopi goldberg. let's watch this. >> if you look at the -- for example, cnn's 93% negative coverage, according to harvard. 93% negative? i think it's a miracle that trump has any approval. >> oh my god. >> constant barrage. >> i have a question, too. go ahead. >> i recall, and maybe i'm crazy, but i recall from the
4:08 am
time the gentleman came down the casey later until the time he won, he was 24/7 on every television on every network. it was all positive until people started asking questions. >> it wasn't all positive. >> i'm sorry. >> it was live coverage. >> it was all noisy but it wasn't all positive. >> it was 98% of it was positive, newt. >> i have a question. >> i don't agree with it. >> i know you don't agree with it but i don't care. abby: your face in that moment says it all. >> i like whoopi, we have known ihaveknown each other for. she lives in alternative universe. brian: i think everyone at cnn auto would tell you almost all the stuff is negative. >> actually think it's a news network. they have a whole fantasy land. steve: donald trump genius figure at getting free media.
4:09 am
you depicted it as largely negative. at love our viewers would say it was negative as well but he was on tv. >> trump understood the theory that if he could drown everybody out. brian: he did. >> whether it was good or bad, you knew his name and you didn't know who the other 16 were. abe. abby: he was able to do that well. talk about your book "understanding trump" he is probably one of the tough to figure out people today. >> i want to point out this is a great marketer over here. good job, steve. we're proud of you. pandering works. brian: now the hard question. tell me how you understand trump. >> this is not predicting trump. i don't think can you predict trump. i don't think trump can predict trump. he doesn't know yet what he is going to do tomorrow morning. but, i think you start with the idea that this is a business entrepreneur. not a ceo of a stable corporation but an entrepreneur. a guy who gets up in the morning and says i want to get something big done. brian: different. >> very different. one of the great challenges that even the professional
4:10 am
challenges in the media they keep trying to put him back in the box of traditional politician. is he not. he is a very aggressive guy. for example, he learned out of new york 1, page 6, rather, he learned out of page 6, always counter attack. if you watch him, he doesn't even think about it you punch him, he punches you back immediately. steve: newt, that's why he loves twitter. that's why he is never going to give up twitter. it's his direct line to the people. >> i have said to him on occasion 10% less trump would be 100 percent more -- abby: did he read your book. >> i don't think so. the pictures in the middle of the book many of them came from the family. brian: give you an example with the khan family he sees a guy get up there doesn't know him attack him brutally he attacks him he te'o tacks back. james comey this guy is incompetent. i'm going to get rid of him. not thinking about the next day. created problems. >> part of that is because he has fired people before. remember the most famous
4:11 am
single phrase in the apprentice is "you're fired." steve: sure. >> he always knows if you fire somebody a bitter former employee a choice. what it coleman's fault or trump's fault? what do you think is going to do? and trump says you live it out and you keep moving. steve: great book if you are looking for something to take to the beach this summer. check it out. brian: or take newt to the beach. either newt or the book. >> take the book. the book is more interesting than i am. brian: oh you don't like the beach. steve: future ambassador by the way. >> and to your dad ambassadori. al school together. brian: i announced that two months ago it's okay for newt to say that. abby: she is going to go to rome. >> she has to go through the senate first. steve: 7/11 here in new york city. jillian has the headlines and we start in london.
4:12 am
jillian: breaking news in london. a raging inferno tears through a sky scrapener london leaving at least six people dead. the death toll expected to rise. at least 50 people are hurt right now there. are concerns the building may collapse. witnesses watching in horror as trapped residents screamed, waved flags, even dropped their children to safety. the fire starting early in the morning when most people were asleep. at this hour, the fire is still burning right now. you can see some video from the daytime. the cause is under investigation. the building recently underwent renovations. we will keep you updated on the latest information. right now there is a nationwide manhunt underway for a paver escaped inmates who killed two prison guards. can you see their pictures right there. shot the guards on a prison bus just outside of atlanta with the guards' own guns. >> i saw two brutally murdered corrections officers. that's what i saw. i had their blood on my shoes.
4:13 am
jillian: right now they are on the run in a green honda civic that was carjacked. both criminals histories with assault. $70,000 reward to find them. u.s. college student back on american soil this morning after being imprisonerred in north korea for more than 17 months. 22-year-old otto warm beer landing in cincinnati overnight where he was taken to the hospital in a coma. north korea claims he got botulism last march shortly after being sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for trying to steal a political poster. warmbier was in north korea as a tourist when he was arrested. that's a look at your headlines, guys, back to you. steve: what a sad story. abby: a lot of sad stories this morning. thank you, jillian. steve: still ahead on this wednesday is, hillary clinton going to make another run for the white house? or is it time for her to simply movie on? we just heard the answer from one of her closest allies. you will want to hear it coming up.
4:14 am
abby: mad dog mattis says we are not winning in afghanistan. president trump did something huge to turn that around. rob schmitt has the details on that next. steve: mad dog rob schmitt. how are you? >> good. ♪ you look good ♪ it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. it's not how fast you mow...'s how well you mow fast! they're not just words to mow by, they're words to live by. the john deere ztrak z345r.
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4:18 am
brian: the white house giving the pentagon its power back in many ways. opening the door to sending more troops in to afghanistan. it's up to them. steve: the move comes after defense secretary testified that the real trump administration military build-up is coming. abby: rob schmitt joins us live with all of those details this morning. good to see you will be rob good to see you. word from the defense secretary that we're losing the war in afghanistan to the taliban got the president's teenagers. presidenattention. president trump you a logging the pentagon to have full control of troop numbers in afghanistan. party of the problem, military funding, which saw dramatic cuts under the obama administration. the former president thought the u.s. spent entirely too much money on defense. senator john mccain says since 2011 spending caps mandated by the budget control act led to 23% cut to our nation's defense. mccain and mattis agree this
4:19 am
has depleted our military. the president's budget burps up defense spending not by enough says mccain. in one has done more to harm our readiness than budget sequestration. do your job, pass the 2018 budget in a timely manner to prevent harm to the military by more cuts. we have now been at war since right after 9/11 16 years in afghanistan and secretary mattis says the taliban is now winning. >> do you agree that we are not winning in afghanistan? >> sir, i understand the urgency. i understand it is my responsibility. we are not winning in afghanistan right now. we will correct this as soon as possible. >> earlier this year the president gave secretary mattis control of troop levels in iraq and syria as well. an indication of the deep trust president has in mattis capabilities. he didn't say the taliban is
4:20 am
winning that war he did say we are losing that war in afghanistan which is a big statement for somebody to say. brian: do you know what the president said yesterday to secretary of defense? you tell me how many troops you need. that is a dream statement from a president to a secretary of defense. >> if you listened to krauthammer last night on "special report" we are sitting on a powder keg. this is not the time to be cutting your defense. time to be focusing more. brian: or spending on more time on collusion with russia. abby: let people drink booze and pee in the streets, the disgusting details ahead. brian: read that out loud? do we say that? steve: no. we would never say that. brian: i don't think so. steve: when he was a kid his dream was to work at the fox news channel. well, you know what? that day it is today. meet the newest member of the "fox & friends" family. todd pirro next. abby: todd
4:21 am
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[ mooing sound ] it's drivng me crazy come on. [ spitting from tongue ] time for my secret weapon. sports, movies, tv, ah... show me music to distract a minion.
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[ voice remote click ] [ pharrell starts to play ] ahh. i'm pretty smart- ahhh! [ mooing sounds ] [ minions laughing ] show me unicorns. [ voice remote click ] together: ahhh... that works too. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. see despicable me 3 in cinemas in june. ♪ ♪ ♪ you can't always get what you want ♪ you can't always get what you want ♪ you can't always get what you want steve: darn it. brian: time to welcome the newest member of our "fox & friends" family todd pirro is here. hey, todd. >> great to be here. this is a dream come true as many of you know. i was an intern here back in 1998. and the family ties also run pretty deep here.
4:25 am
my grandfather, late grandfather used to watch this show religiously. used to refer to it as the friends with doocy. that's the show he used to watch. sorry, brian. but this is his tie. pretty special day. tie from like the 60's or 70's a special day from me and my family. this is awesome to be able to wear this tie. brian: still works today. >> i'm a big family guy as you where to see. abby: he would be so proud of you. >> it's unbelievable. it's unbelievable where we have come as a family and where i have come here. this is unreal. this is a snippet of my story and the family that got me here. >> we are taking a trip here to the great town of new jersey, and this right here is the house where i spent my first 18 years of life, great house in a great neighborhood with great neighbors and really great friends. how are you doing. >> how are you. >> best friend growing um right down the street from where we went to elementary school. how long have we known each
4:26 am
other. >> since kindergarten. >> i really have anchorman hair in that photo. >> you do. >> what are you doing now. >> give it to uncle todd. give that football to uncle todd. >> this is great. >> do we have one? >> can you throw it to him? >> oh. >> this is a field quote, unquote, where we used to play basically the front lawn of elementary school. oh e still got it. >> where with you going to next. >> vhs, verona high school. >> so strange to be back. >> that's the sound of the marching drums. i was maybe of the verona high school marching maroon and white. >> oh my god todd prior row. >> how are you? >> i can't believe you remember. >> you played soccer. >> coach. >> how are you, man? >> good to see you. >> you would agree i wasn't the athletic kid out there by any stretch of the imagination. >> we held our own.
4:27 am
>> we did the best we can. we had fun, too. >> don't forget, i'm 70. >> don't forget i'm an old man, too. >> you saw where i grew up there in verona, new jersey. now we are taking it to belmar, new jersey which is where my parents live now at the jersey shore. >> thank you, lord, for great family, great food, and for bringing everybody together. >> all right. can we eat? >> yes. >> bon appetit. >> does anyone remember when todd was really, really young as a baby and he had such puffy cheeks. >> who thought i would get into this tv gig? >> you always liked an audience. you did. >> i think she is politely saying you like attention. [laughter] >> i am very proud of you. you are living your dream. >> and for me, one thing that i do admire doing what you like and now finally winding back to in new york. >> moving back to the east coast was important because i
4:28 am
miss my family. >> yea, family. >> familiar one other big thing thing coming home. [cheers] >> we have a little announcement, todd and i got engaged over the weekend. >> can you believe it's been three years. this very spot, proposed. >> you set it up really well. it was a really romantic scene. had you a dozen roses, right, you had champagne. >> best day of my life only to be topped by our wedding. the only thing that would have made that day sweeter? ice cream. let's go now. >> how often come here. >> when you were younger we used to come here three or four times a week. >> anybody who knows me, know this a little ice cream, family, taking a look at the
4:29 am
ocean, there really is nothing better. steve: that is great. >> one guy is missing mile. brother. as we were filming that he was in the process of becoming a dad. we are now welcoming zoey aliza into my family. abby: i think your wife was my favorite in that whole package. >> she is my favorite. she is the love of my life and makes life worth living. brian: and she has the head of the table. >> i paid my dad off. steve: any time you bring a tv crew with you you get to sit wherever you want to. something that was not in there after you left new jersey, you went to college. you went to law school. >> yes. steve: you are a lawyer. >> yes by no means am a lawyer by the likes of judge jeanine and a judge napolitano. they are like you are a lawyer. >> i'm sort of a lawyer. don't start grilling me on the constitution day one but hopefully i can give a little insight throughout the course of my time here. abby: you know the three of us need that. steve: always. keep you on retainer. >> this is spectacular.
4:30 am
i thank you all tore welcoming me to the family. i can't wait to be welcomed into your home. hopefully i won't do anything to have you kick me out, but i just can't wait to be part of the family. abby: we are thrilled to have you, todd. brian: welcome. steve: officially part of the "fox & friends" family. thank you. brian: meanwhile coming up straight ahead, you know she is tough behind the bench. judge judy's son making headlines this morning. those details next. steve: janice dean is live with a huge flag day celebration. janice dean huge celebration flag day, june 14th. where are you? >?it is starting to rain. magic powers didn't work. we are inflating the world's largest flying american flag. we will go inside the flag after the break. stay with us. happy flag day ♪ chicago will ignore ♪ that's my hometown ♪ america's my hometown ♪
4:31 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ abby: isn't that a beautiful sound to wake up to on this rainy new york city morning. that is the u.s. military academy's hellcats and they are here to help celebrate the
4:36 am
army's 242nd birthday and flag day. also here to celebrate is major jeffrey snow, demanding general. brian, have you a big umbrella for everybody. should we all get in here? i think we should all share. this is really about recruiting for future generations. >> it's great to be with you today. i will tell you it's in part to recognize all the soldiers have done in support of this country. and to really get, one, i want to thank veterans for all they have done to make the army the institution that it is. but our job is to continue to recruit to make sure we remain an all volunteer force. >> what about hellcats? where does that name come from. >> hellcats they are the band that at west point and i don't know the history of the hellcats. you will have to ask the hellcats. steve: it's a little too wet outside never too wet for cake. abby: holding up nicely. steve: i just scotch guarded
4:37 am
it what's the tradition how do you cut the cake. >> find a officer and junior member and senior member. i think it would be me and sergeant pet for. i say we do it. abby: oh my goodness. drum roll from the band, please. >> two hands on this. ready, go. brian: that is the first cut. >> first cut. >> over there means? >> well, you know this is really goes back to this year we are celebrating the centennial of the america's expeditionary force serving in world war ii. 1917, 2017 over there, because that's really where one could say the modern army was
4:38 am
formed. we can track our roots back to that time. thus the celebration, centennial celebration 100 years. abby: thank you, general. the hellcats we have loved listening to all morning long. steve: happy anniversary. >> thanks. steve: now, let's go across the river. it's pouring here in new york city. janice dean, what's it doing now in hoboken with the world's largest flying american flag? >> steve, we are inside the world's largest flying american flag. and i want to bring someone in here. howard freidman, who is the executive of the balloon festival. >> quick festival ballooning in association with pnc bank, this is one of the 100 special shape balloons and regular balloons flying at the festival. along with more than just flight air. we have george presented by pnc bank. we have plain white t's. jake miller. for kids we have lori
4:39 am
beckerner. tons of stuff all at balloon janice: it's flag day. this has to be one the main attractions for the balloon festival. >> this is always one of the great attractions. built after 9/11 to commemorate the fallen. with terrorists all around the world, to be able to have this flag at the balloon festival and salute america and pnc as the feflted does really something that's beautiful. and we send the balloons five times during of the weekend. this is one of the last balloons that goes up. we play god bless america. everyone stands. great thing and makes you proud to be an american. janice: i love it thanks for having us out here. the next hour we are going to launch this balloon. >> tether the balloon. janice: tether the balloon. i don't have my lingo down. >> see the city and all around. it will be a beautiful thing. janice: wonderful. stay with us next hour steve, brian, and abby, we are going to be in this balloon ready to fly. abby: i cannot wait for that
4:40 am
thank you so much, janice. abby: pouring down over here. brian: i wonder if it will fly in the rain. jillian mealy has the breaking news jill have us covered noocial headlines james comey hearing. the friend is cooperating with the feds. comey admitted leaking details of that oval office meeting with president trump to law professor daniel richman. richman has now handed that information over to the fbi. the senate judiciary committee has been trying to gain access to comey's notes for their ongoing investigation. you know her. she is one of the toughest judges on the bench. >> more than 10 or less than 10. >> more than 10. >> more than 156r7b8g9s it was a lot of time. >> shhh shhh shhh,. >> it turns out toughness runs in the family. judge judy's son adam levy winning $150,000 lawsuit against a new york state
4:41 am
sheriff who accused him of interfering with a sex assault investigation. levy was the district attorney for putnam county back in 2013 when sheriff don smith accused him of harboring undocumented immigrant suspect dollars of assaulting a 13-year-old girl. smith now being faced to retract his claim and pay up big time. terry is the latest democrat to tell hillary clinton to get over it. >> i think you have got to move forward. have you just got to move forward. there were so many intervene. my advice would be we have just got to move on. >> mcauliff was a fierce supporter of clinton during the 2016 presidential race but is now rumored to be gearing up for a run of his own in 2020. and get ready for a smelly summer in new york city. new york police department relaxing restrictions against things like drinking alcohol and peeing in public. the new rules put in place by mayor bill de blasio force
4:42 am
police officers to issue civil tickets rather than criminal summons for those crimes. city officials say it's just too much of a burden on residents to enforce those rules. steve? give it to you on that. steve: what a town. all right, jillian, thank you. coming up on this wet wednesday, our next guest is backing the president's travel order. he has a blunt message for its opponents. if any blood is spilled that is blood on their hands. texas attorney general ken paxton with that message coming up next. and the media says the golden state warriors refuse to meet with president trump after winning the nba title. you know what? that's not true. we'll tell you about that coming up ♪ where the stars and stripes ♪ and the eagle flies ♪ there's a lady that stands in a harbor for what we believe ♪
4:43 am
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4:46 am
brian: all right. president trump taking to twitter. calling out the federal court that ruled against his travel ban. and that happened again this week. steve: the president tweeted well the ninth circuit did it again. ruled against the travel ban at such a dangerous time in the history of our country supreme court. our next guest backs him up with a blunt message for opponents of the travel ban saying if any blood is spilled will be on their hands. brian: joining us right now a is texas attorney general ken paxton. you go that far mr. attorney general to say that? >> well, first of all, good morning from texas and, yes. you know, we have watched what's happened in europe recently in england. we have seen it happen in our own country. the president is trying to protect the country and, yes, if they stand in the way of protecting the country and
4:47 am
something happens, blood is on their hands. steve: you say people who try to stop the travel ban, they own this thing, right? , whatever happens in the country. >> absolutely. this is a reasonable effort by the president. is he following along. is he trying to protect the citizens of my state. he is trying to protect the citizens of this country. i believe that the courts and the people that are fighting this are unreasonably stopping the president from doing what he should be doing. brian: they also say well, it's in the hands of the supreme court now. senator dianne feinstein said. this the ban won't make us any safer and fuels anti-american sentiment around the world by sending a message that the united states is taking punitive action against one religion. presidents have brought authority over immigration the ninth district court noted that power is not absolute and president trump far exceeds it did anyone see any video of the president in saudi arabia with the head of 50 separate muslim nations who showed up to salute him and believe it or not, the sword dance evidently is the most prestigious dance you can get.
4:48 am
you don't get that if you insulted a whole religion. >> i know people around the world know we have a problem. in texas our state police do this survey. over the last five years we have had over 220 arrests of illegal immigrants who have committed crimes in over 500,000 crimes some of those 1200 homicides. we know in texas we have a real problem. people around the world it's obvious we have a real problem. it happens regularly in the news. you guys cover it almost every day. steve: absolutely. since you are citing statistics mr. attorney general. since 1980, there have been 44 travel bans issued by u.s. presidents. president obama issued six. nobody said anything about those. >> that's exactly right. i think every president since 1980 has issued a travel ban there has been no controversy. no litigation. as soon as president obama president trump issued his first, you saw what happened he has been sued all over the country. it's unprecedented and it's also unprecedented that the president has salute authority
4:49 am
to do this ansloot authorityfor. this reck room. brian: quick answer. do you think the supreme court rules in the president's favor? i know how you want it to rule. do you think it what? i'm optimistic. i think we have a good supreme court. i'm glad we have a full supreme court. i'm very optimistic how this is going to turn out. it's the right result. i don't think it's a hard answer. steve: texas attorney general ken paxton joining fruls austin. thank you, sir. >> thank you, have a great day. brian: slamming jeff sessions are for citing executive privilege for not answering hiquestions about conversations with the president. jonathan turley will be with us at the top of the hour. [boy] cannonball!
4:50 am
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4:53 am
steve: we have breaking news right now. we are just learning louisiana congressman and house majority whip steve scalise has been shot. aides say he was practicing baseball early this morning in alexandria, virginia across the river from washington when 50 shots were reportedly fired. another local report saying five or more people were shot. many of them aides of mr. scalise. congressman's condition unclear at this point. brian: let's bring in chad pergram our professional reporter. he has some more information on this breaking news. chad, what can you tell us? >> each morning members of the house who play in this congressional baseball game scheduled tomorrow night at the nationals park in washington at the charity baseball game goes back to 1909 the democrats play the republicans. they practice at a field in alexandria, virginia. 7:15 this morning i'm told a gunman with a rifle arrived at the practice and began firing. i am told that steve can a
4:54 am
lease, the majority whip who plays was shot in the hip. we're also told that multiple aides were shot as well. we don't have any conditions at this point. they usually have security event. in fact, they have kind of amped up the security of this over the years. but they take this baseball game pretty seriously, which is why they go out and practice about 6:00 in the morning in preparation for the ballgame tomorrow. it's a point of pride between the sides. now, i'm told that the shooting went on for about 10 minutes. it is unclear if the gunman was apprehended, but i am told by an aide that the shooting stopped after about that point. i live in alexandria, virginia, a couple miles from where this is, and i got an alert that there had been a shooting at this area, which that strikes me, based on knowing the city of alexandria across the river from washington, d.c., that's an odd location to have a shooting. there was a lot of activity here in alexandria here this morning. police activity. you could hear sirens and things.
4:55 am
we're trying to figure out just what happened. the game was scheduled for tomorrow morning. brian: chad, let me ask you a question. is this something that you would have to schedule? would you have to say i need that field at 6:00 or would that be something that just a sitting congressman would just say i need to go practice and find a field? >> no. they schedule this. and, in fact, a memo was shared with me just yesterday, an internal memo that people had sent around about security for the ballgame and how members should enter the baseball stadium and so on. steve: okay. chad, i have just gotten a message from senator mike lee from utah who says that he is hearing that scalise was shot in the hip and is expected to be okay. that is good news. according to senator lee, the shooter was shot by scalise's security detail and according to the senator, the shooter is dead. >> okay. now, that's, like i said, this is just coming in here.
4:56 am
i have just as have you read that question here an update from the alexandria police here that says they are investigating multiple shootings and they say suspect in custody. urging people to stay out of the area. scalise is one of the members of the house leadership he gets detail with him that goes everywhere with him where he goes. obviously if he is on the diamond they are not standing next to him on the field. abby: we have been told two of them, as far as we know this morning, two. steve: agents. abby: security agents that are with him. >> these are u.s. capitol police officers. abby: who else do we know, chad, that were on the field with the congressman. any of his colleagues? >> sure. these are members. only members of congress are allowed to play in the baseball game. for instance, i was told just the other day that mick mulvaney who used to be the congressman who is the budget director. he played for many years when he was in the house. he showed up and actually participated in the practice. he kant play because he is not in congress anymore.
4:57 am
brian: we also understand that the shot -- the whip was shot, mr. scalise was shot in the dugout itself. now, let me ask you something, chad, when you get to that level, as in congress, do you have the same body man? do you have the same secret service with you every day? or are these people very familiar with him? >> yeah. i mean, have you some of the same people. they have a protective detail with the u.s. capitol police that are assigned to the speaker, the majority leader, the senate, the minority leader, the president pro tem, orrin hatch from utah. steve scalise is not in the line of succession to the presidency as speaker ryan or orrin hatch the president as pro tem of the senate. they go with him all the time. in fact i noted there were two events that i was with steve scalise in private just here in the past couple of weeks. his security detail in one case was in the room. just kind of standing off to the side because they were familiar with who the people were, and this was in the u.s. capitol in his office.
4:58 am
and other time they stood outside the room. you see them walk through the halls of congress with him. if he is going to a social function they are with him as well. steve: i will tell you what, chad, stand by. we will be back with you in a moment. just receiving word that fm talk 1050 has tweeted out that one of the people there used his belt as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding of g.o.p. whip steve scalise. also, according -- one other message i have just gotten directly from senator mike lee, he says there was at least one other person shot, including a scalise staff who was shot in the chest and is currently enroute to the hospital. now, these are accounts from senator mike lee who texted me 12 minutes ago, asking if i had heard about the shooting that just occurred at the congressional baseball practice. we had not. it is over the river from washington, d.c. in alexandria a virginia. this is something where they
4:59 am
get ready for the big game. abby: big game is tomorrow night. this is all breaking right now. we are bringing you everything we know. we heard there were 50 gunshots and lasted for a period of 10 minutes. brian: right. meanwhile, a guy most likely be playing in that game is congressman jim jordan. he was going to join us a little bit later. is he going to join us now to bring us what he knows. congressman, obviously, this is stunning news. do you have any more information on your colleague? >> i do not, brian. this is just terrible. steve and i came in about the same time. and as this is a good man, and all the other -- i mean, i'm getting the same information talk to you about some other issues. obviously we just heard the news. you called us. we are praying for everyone. brian: i know you guys take this serious, stadium field in front of a lot of people, if you don't do well, it is embarrassing with all this athée,% plied. it is unusual 6:00 in the morning jim jordan wants to go
5:00 am
out there, do you have to secure the area on practice field in d.c.? this is. >> this is first time in years. this is tradition, great tradition here in congress. so i don't know. abby: you know scalise well. you know him personally. you started out together. give a sense who he is. >> he is wonderful guy. been involved in politics in louisiana. was there in the statehouse before i came to congress. obviously is our whip. just a good man with a wonderful family and young children. you know, this will -- let's hope everything works out and everyone who was hurt will be okay in the long run. that is all we're praying for now. steve: it is 8:00 in new york city. if you're just joining us in the last ten minutes we received house majority whip steve
5:01 am
scalise along with majority of aides were shot in a baseball practice in alexander, virginia. the gunman who had a long gun fired 50 rounds. we heard two agents were shot. mr. scalise we understand was shot in the hip sounds like and will be okay. according to senator mike lee of utah, he says the shooter is dead. brian: jim, can you also tell us a little bit about the area. is this -- >> i do not know where they're practicing now. brian, we got a call from you guys. we were over to talk about mr. sessions. this is much, much more important and just pray, pray for steve and pray for those who have been injured. abby: absolutely. talk to us about the security because as steve mentioned there were two security guards with scalise at the time. >> yeah. abby: is that common procedure? do they go everywhere with him normally? >> every time steve is out there -- [inaudible].
5:02 am
with the majority leader, speaker, obviously, so that is customary. brian: all right. congressman jordan, can't thank you enough. >> thank you. brian: as it comes in i hope you rejoin us, give us updated information. in this case the lawmakers are the best reporters. you have the best access along with our guys. we appreciate it. steve: meanwhile sean spicer 28 seconds ago, boeing the president and vice president of united states are aware of developing situation in virginia. our thoughts and prayers are with all affected. sean sullivan from talk 1065 tweeted out that mo brooks used his belt as turn -- tourniquet to stop the bleeding of congressman steve scalise. abby:ç this happened ten minuts ago. this congressional baseball game
5:03 am
happens every year. it's a huge deal. it is all about the athleticism. they prepare weeks, months in advance. i thought your question was spot on. is this a park they book in advance or they just show up? as we figure out what happens here all those details matter. brian: with this day and age security matters so much. i imagine when lawmaker is targeted, seems like a targeting situation the rest will be locked down because you don't want multiple incidents happening. that has got to be, this has to be permeating throughout capitol hill right now not only with the white house but with other lawmakers to make sure they're secure at this hour as an effort to getmore information. steve: absolutely. and keep in mind this is a great event, the congressional baseball game. it is one of the few truly bipartisan things go on in washington these days. brian: they play against each other. steve: absolutely. they're out to have fun. at the same time the person
5:04 am
across the aisle this is the chance to get out on the field. if you're just joining us shocking news out of alexandria virginia, house majority whip, one of most powerful men in washington, d.c., steve scalise has been shot. our own chad per gram, capitol hill producer has been gathering more information. chad, what are we up to right now? he was hit in the hip and sound if he is okay. there is a report from senator mike lee that the shooter is dead. what else do we know? >> as you know sometimes this information is conflicting. senior capitol hillah enforcement source, sometimes this stuff morphs especially if somebody is shot, but what i have right now the gunman was shot and was apprehended and has been taken to the hospital. depending if they're shot, you don't know if something happens with their injuries. that is what i have based on a senior capital security source.
5:05 am
steve: okay. abby: chad, what do we know about the game tomorrow night and how much preparation happens in advance? this was something obviously booked early, early this morning to prepare for the game tomorrow night. give people a sense how important this game is, why do they want to prepare for that? >> there is a lot of pride in democrats and republicans preparing for this game. it is for charity. they used to play at rfk stadium where the washington senators and washington nationals used to play. they moved it to nats park a few years ago. i was talking to an aide, i remember they went down to the nationals batting cages, took practice before the game. they brought in instructors from major league baseball to work with them. the fact congressmanç have a jam-packed schedule and get up at 5:00 in the morning to go to
5:06 am
batting practice before going to hearing and votes on the floor that is a big deal. i was doing research yesterday about the history of the baseball game. there was a congressman from north carolina who pitched for the pittsburgh pirates in the 1960 world series, ben mizell. he was a congressman later. he pitched for republicans. the democrats complained and made the republicans take them out because he fanned seven consecutive senators. we lost former senator jim bunning, hall of fame pitcher for the phillies and the tigers, he pitched into the baseball game. kept vin brady, chairman of ways and mean committee, had a collision at the plate with former congressman this was not rose and fosse, he injured himself. he was proud he scored the run. they take this seriously. brian: the suspect was shot but has been appre hended. now maybe going to the same hospital as steve scalise. any idea where they would take
5:07 am
him? >> i was told, just coming in past few seconds ago, there is so much going on, fairfax nova hospital. there is a hospital here in the city of alexandria, virginia. that is a higher hospital in virginia further up maybe why the suspect was taken there. steve: chad, we're receiving word, mo brooks, i believe the congressman from alabama is saying behind third base i see a rifle. i hear steve scalise over near second base scream. so that, according to mo brooks right now. explain once again, if people are just joining us, because of the upcoming congressional baseball game both sides practice ahead of time. this morning there was a practice in alexander, virginia. who might have been in tend dance? steve scalise the house majority
5:08 am
whip was there was in attendance with number of aides. do we have any idea as we look at a map that puts into perspective where alexandria, virginia is? that is the field. alexandria is south and west of district of columbia. do we have any idea what else is going on, regarding the setup for the practice today? >> i've been out to the practice field early in the morning about a year before i joined fox. i was doing radio, public radio. i went out there before the crack of dawn and reported audio and walked around with people on the field. they were arguing one morning about the infield fly rule nobody knew what it was. they do this in suburban virginia because it is not very far from capitol hill. it is pretty close to where i live. brian: chad, i'm sure you can't see, for everybody at home, that is aerialç shot, still shot of the field which the shots rang out this morning. there is report from an eyewitness, congressman mo brooks, who told another
5:09 am
network, i heard steve scalise scream. we do know according to reports he was hit in the hip. he is expected to survive. but that is an area in alexandria where it is. that is a look at the field. and that is a look at the road right by there. >> there's a school near by there. there. is shopping plaza across the way. there is a lot of parks. there is a creek that running down through there. there is area where you get a lot of people going running, so for the. there is major recreation -- abby: looks like a really peaceful area you said, playgrounds and parks and schools. you think about the time this happened. early this morning in this area, how unusual is that? >> it is extremely unusual because again as i say, i just live not far from there, when i saw notice from the alexandria police, i was like, wow, that is strange you have something in that area. especially early in the morning. i didn't do two plus two yet. i was en route to the gym but i
5:10 am
saw a couple of police cars go screaming by and wondered what was up, oh, that must be that but i hadn't thought about the game. i was talking to one of the aides to joe barton, republican of texas, who has long been involved in the organization of this game on sunday night, and he invited me to come out and watch practice. mad i gotten up a little earlier i might have gone over there. steve: let's talk a little bit steve scalise the house majority whip, who was shot at the ball field in alexandria. he is from louisiana, a member of the republican party and chairman of the conservative house republican study committee. what sort of legislation has he been involved in? i know he came from louisiana where he served in both the house and senate there. now we're getting some video from the scene of the practice where the shooting was just within the last hour. tell us more about steve scalise the politician.
5:11 am
>> he came to congress eight years ago in a special election. he moved rather quickly up through the leadership ranks. has been in leadership for a couple of years. he had a little bit of a hiccup about a year-and-a-half ago because there had, come out some information about him, whether or not he had a meeting with the ku klux klan some years ago. but he seemed to have solidified his leadership position. thought when we had john boehner leaving and paul ryan coming in, all these kerfuffles in the house of representatives that he might have been in danger. there was some question when kevin mccarthy withdrew very abruptly to be speakinger of house two years ago, whether scalise might try to move up. he used to chair the republican study committee. that is the largest block of conservatives in the house of representatives and that was kind of hisç ticket into leadership. if you're able to chair that group, that means you have a lot of political capital with conservatives and being the number three, i tell you what
5:12 am
the whip does. the whip is in charge of getting the votes, working to get information. brian: chad, they usually have the best relationship with others because they have to cajole them, use personality, magnetism whatever they possess they have to use. sometimes be the tough guy and sometimes be the nice guy. chad, stay close. we'll continue to examine this story. please, i will let you get more information, we're seeing scenes from the scene itself. we have a chopper coming in and around the area. could be from a local news crew. we saw shots from the street, police tape going up. logic would lead you to believe nobody shows up to practice by themselves. you have to wonder if there were other lawmakers down there at the time. steve: actually there was. abby: we want to bring congressman desantis who was there this morning when all of this happened. congressman, thank you for joining us this morning. what happened. >> well it is interesting, we were out there, we have been doing this for however many weeks. the game's tomorrow night.
5:13 am
i actually left a little early, probably about couple minutes before this all happened. as i was getting into the car with one of my colleagues, jeff duncan, a guy walked up to us was asking whether it was republicans or democrats out there. it was just a little odd. then he kind of walked towards the area where all this happened. so we have told the police that. steve: was he carrying anything? >> he was not carrying anything at the time but from where the shots, were i would think that would have been staged. no one was obviously walking around with a rifle at the time. it was just a little odd that he kind of really walked up to us to ask. than went ahead, i probably was like three minutes, five minutes after we pulled out of the parking lot. steve: what time did you leave, congressman? according to bret baier the shooting started this morning at 7:15, gun man with rifle? >> we probably left no later than 7:10. abby: congressman were you doing
5:14 am
practices in this location before or was this first morning? >> this is where they kind of do the practices. this is a community field down in alexandria. we leave 6:00 a.m. to get down there so there is no traffic. it is probably 10 miles from the capitol. it has been something going on for years and years. you know steve is, one, he is a great guy, but two, he really loves the baseball game. he is at every practice, even though he has a lot of other things on his plate. it is really, really terrible situation. brian: congressman, give us an idea, set the scene for us, who was there today, what were you doing and when did steve pull in? >> sure. pretty much people start getting there between 6:15 and 6:30. you have a number of members, probably between 10 and 15 members of congress at eachç practice normally. you have a lot of congressional staffers who throw bp, do that. there is at least 10 staffers there. then steve, because he is in
5:15 am
leadership, he has his security he detail. so, anytime you pull up, you see the big suv, you see some of these guys out there. there was actually security there. and that is because of steve. so that is kind of how it is of the we go out there, we do it and usually we want to get back before the traffic really gets bad in washington. that is one of the reasons jeff and i left, we both already hit, we fielded ground balls. let's just get back to get on with our meetings, get on with our day. if you leave at 7:10, that may be a 20 minute ride. if you leave at:30 a 40 minute ride. that is d.c. for you. steve: congressman desantis joining us on. line from florida who was at the practice this morning, left five minutes before the shooting started. mo brooks was there this morning, wasn't he, congressman mo brooks? >> oh, absolutely. steve: he just said the shooter was taken down by a member of the security detail who already
5:16 am
himself been shot. crazy courage under fire. >> yeah, no, absolutely. those guys are pros. they do a great job. just really, really unfortunate. i think we'll have to figure out who this guy is. jeff and i have told the police about our encounter. we think it fits. we don't know. we'll have to figure that out but it would be interesting to see the motivation of this. abby: does it strike you as odd, you said about a dozen, maybe 15 people that are on the field, the fact that the shots went directly to steve scalise and to his two security aides, does that strike you as unusual? >> i think it would be because if scalise is playing second base, you're out on the either left or right field line somewhere, there is probably other people who would be closer to you just the way the practice is set up. it is strange to me that would have been, that would have been the case. look, i think there are a lot of
5:17 am
serious questions that need to be asked about this situation. brian: couple things, congressman, if you don't mind. mo brooks said he saw the shooter behind third base with a rifle. i don't know if that helps where you confronted this inor person confronted you, are there republicans or democrats out in the fold if it is indeed the same person. you mentioned that steve scalise was at second base. was that where he was taking ground balls or was he sitting there when you left? >> he was, yes, he was out in the field when i left. he had already hit batting practice. he was basically shagging balls as they came out there. brian: right. >> guys at short and third. i was playing short and third until we left. and so, it just strikes me as odd that they would have targeted steve just randomly because there would have been other people that would have been cl)áq). brian: that is really what i'm getting at, if he was sitting there isolated, if guys are shagging balls, a lot of times they sit together and break off
5:18 am
boeing after flyball. if you're sitting at second base by yourself, steve is very distinctive and in leadership and they asked republican you wonder if he was targeted? >> the encounter i had in the parking lot was very, very strange. it is concerning because steve is a great guy. we need to get answers to this, yep. steve: congressman, stand by. we'll pause for five seconds have some stations join us. this is a fox news alert from new york city. we're reporting one of the most powerful men in washington, d.c., louisiana congressman representative steve scalise who is the house majority whip has been shot. shooting started at 7:15 eastern time in alexandria, virginia where about a dozen members of congress were gathered from the republican side to practice for the upcoming congressional baseball game. brian: we understand there is
5:19 am
between 10 and 15 lawmakers out there along with their staffers. in the case of steve scalise because of his position, he did have security with him. we understand two of those security members, secret servicemembers, have been shot. steve scalise was hit in the hip. is expected to survive, thankfully. we are trying to piece this all together. congressman desantis has been kind enough to join us. he had left the field five minutes before, roughly five minutes before the shooting commenced. abby: congressman, what we're hearing you left before this, but shooting, apparently 50 shots were fired within a period of ten minutes. set the scene for us once again. you said that you saw the shooter walking on to the field. what did he say to you? >> i don't want to say he was definitely him. we have reported our encounter and, you know, with understand it may fit the description of the guy, but i don't know that it was for him for sure. we had an encounter who wanted to know whether they were republicans or democrats. i think it is important for law
5:20 am
enforcement to have that information and they can do what they want with it. this is just a field. you can go, bleachers, parking lot, you can pull in, anyone can go watch and do whatever. it is wide open space. brian: we're kind of seeing it now live. we're seeing sidewalk around it. some soccer goals through it and people jogging across the field. i imagine it has been secured best we can. we understand the shooter has been hit. according to one report has been brought to a local hospital. steve: all right. so that is the scene in alexandria, virginia where one of our local fox affiliates as you can see got a camera on the san right now. congressman, thank you very much for joining us right now. if you're just joining us, one of the most powerful men in washington, d.c., the house majority whip steve scalise was shot thisç morning. he was gathered with a dozen, 15 members of congress who were practicing for the upcoming congressional baseball game.
5:21 am
apparently according to congressman mo brooks of alabama, behind third base he could see somebody with a rifle and steve scalise was near is being base. then heard a scream -- second base. it is always hard to gauge how many gunshots you heard but he said he heard, 10, 20, 30, something like that. brian: mo brooks actually said there were 50 to 100 shots. we also point out this. i said secret service is with steve scalise. it is actually u.s. capitol police. with us right now is chad pergram is is now at the scene. we're seeing some of the video. where are you? >> i am standing across the street from the baseball field on the first base side, kind of behind the first base dugout. there is a large contingent of emergency responders on this side and i can't quite see over the third base dugout, there is ymca and a parking lot runs adjacent to that. i'm seeing a lot of flashing lights there. i'm seeing police from the
5:22 am
alexandria sheriff's office and capitol police, alexandria police department and fire and rescue. this baseball field has been used for practice and at some point the actual game itself before they moved to rfk stadium and nats park. it was the home of the alex and deyou yaw dukes which was a minor league affiliate of the seattle mariners in 1979. they used to play here. it's a pretty small park. we have a lot of people gathered here. i see a couple members across the way. i can't get a cross the street. the police line, people are in shorts and cleats, walking around the tennis court, basketball court, on the phone, talking to people, describing what they saw. it's a big presence here. steve: chad pergram our capitol hill producer. this is not just house of representative members, this is senators as well, right? >> right. historically there have been
5:23 am
more house members who played in this game. sometimes you have members gone over to the senate after they played in the house. like rick santorum had been in the house. he played when he moved to the senate. abby: chad, we had congressman on, desanity test, who was there before this happened. this was common routine, that they practiced well before the game. it is supposed to be tomorrow night, the big congressional game at the nats stadium at the park where it happened this morning. we're seeing live shots here. looks like a very peaceful neighborhood. brian: i would also like to add too congressman desantis added, he is just reporting this, someone did walk up to him and say, are there republicans or democrats practices out on that field? it could have been a coincidence. he left at 7:10 the shots wereç at 7:15. reports from congressman brooks it came around from the third base side. apparently asking congressman desantis that, asked somebody else. this man was wearing running
5:24 am
clothes and asked quote, are those republicans or democrats out there practicing? senator rand paul says he thinks the gunman continued to reload. he probably heard, 50 or 60 shots reportedly, sounded like an ar-15. bret baier joins us on the phone right now. bret, it happened about an hour and ten minutes ago across the river from washington, d.c. in alexandria, virginia. steve scalise, one of the most powerful men in politics in washington, d.c., shot in the hip. sounds like he is going to be okay. there are conflicting stories about what happened to the gunman though. >> yeah. right now we're getting reports from authorities that steve -- steve: all right. brian: bret, are you still with us? we gotcha. go ahead. >> there is conflicting reports about that, but authorities i think shot the gunman and he has been apprehended taken to the hospital.
5:25 am
there were reports that four people were shot. school loose, two capitol police officers and the gunman in an exchange of gunfire. this, i'm not far from there. i'm actually heading out of town. i'm not far from this site actually. as i'm leaving. i, it is shocking when you think about this bipartisan game that happens. they were practicing for this big game tomorrow night. house majority whip scalise, he is the guy that his job is to get all the votes and whip them up and he has had a busy job as of late. some of the descriptions of him getting shot in the hip and dragging himself from the secone outfield to escape what seemed like many minutes, according to eyewitnesses of shooting. you saw rand paul saying 50 to 60 shots. mo brooks saying 60 to within hundred. clearly a lot of shooting going on at the field. abby: as you can see, live shots of the scene after the
5:26 am
aftermath. we're told all schools in that area of alexandria are on lockdown. we'll show you video of the chopper that came down for the rescue. bret, you said you know this area well. there is the chopper right there coming in to rescue at the end of that situation. we're told there were 50 gunshots, bret, happened over a period of ten minutes. ended up hitting scalise and two of the u.s. capitol police. what is going through your mind there will be a dozen or 50 people on the field at the time? do you think it was aimed at particularly certain people? >> we have to be careful jumping to what the motivation was. i think that will come out over time. obviously first thing you think about, some sort of a targeted attack. is it a terroristç attack? you're asking all these questions you have a lot ever gunshots. you wonder why it doesn't happen more often.
5:27 am
attack on group of people practicing for a big game. congressman and senators. abby: especially that part of town. steve: we got an update from the alexander police that he is not a threat. earlier on fox news channel we reported that a word from one member of congress was they believe the been shot, rather the gunman to be dead. also some other people were hit. we could not confirm that. it was his eyewitness reporting. also apparently report from rand paul said that, who apparently was also on scene, he said that had the capitol police not been there, it likely would have been a massacre. >> i mean it's, they have security there when they have these big events with congressman and senators. obviously these two capitol policemen are going to go down as heroes because clearly shot
5:28 am
or stopped the shooter in some way according to senator paul. we'll find out more in the next few minutes. who this guy was is the big question. brian: hey, bret, stand by if you can. i know you know the area. you understand the lawmakers as good as anybody but one of those law machers joins us right now, who was actually supposed to meet with congressman, with whip steve scalise today, that is congressman duffy. congressman duffy, i understand you're able to get yourself to a camera. this is a gop practice for a congressional baseball game taken very seriously. what can you tell us now? obviously the meeting won't take place and there is a buzz throughout capitol hill? >> as you are reporting this congressional game is a big deal. house republicans and democrats every morning. those who play on the team go out and practice. steve is a big part of that practice and that game. a big bill we have moving through our committee actually today is on flood.
5:29 am
steve scalise is from louisiana. so we had a meeting this morning with him to talk about flood insurance and what reforms to make to the program. obviously we're not going to be having that meeting. we're wishing steve well, and the fact he has his wife jennifer and two young kids. this is incredibly difficult time for him. abby: congressman, because of his position in the house he travels with two u.s. capitol police officers, both of which were shot this morning. how lucky was that? because you think about the situation unfolding, early this morning, what seems to be an area that doesn't have a whole lot of crime, when shootings break out to have two men on the ground there that can jump into action, how lucky were they in that moment? >> first of all members of congress weç don't travel with any kind of security as you all know. the only kind of security that is given to anyone in congress is the two leaders of the minority party which would be steny hoyer and nancy pelosi and leadership side is speaker, the leader and the whip which is
5:30 am
steve scalise. thank god that steve scalise had security detail there that could fire back, not protect not just steve but remembers of members of congress and other people who were at the field. brian: right. >> you have gatherings of members of the congress, large groups, there is no security there. thank god in this situation, the capitol police were there. they are here at capitol, so well-trained and dedicated. i know several of them as you have reported have been hit. our thoughts and prayers go to them. abby: as we reported one of those officers, after they were shot, then took down the gunman. steve: absolutely. abby: here heroes there. steve: he congressman, sounds a little suspicious, there was something going on because as we heard earlier from congressman desantis, we've seen reports from other members of congress who were there, a guy came up, apparently in running clothes before the shooting started and asked somebody, hey, are these republicans or democrats? sounds like they were members of
5:31 am
congress who were being targeted. >> you have to know, this field is off campus from capitol hill. obviously who would suspect there would be a game or practice going on where there is members of congress playing? someone had to think this through. obviously thinking through, appear to have been targeting steve scalise and also republicans. as someone who has eight kids and concerned wife always as everyone does for their family, the temperature in politics has gone up so high, and the kind of threats that come peoples way to republicans and to democrats, threats made and violence i think this country has to take a pause and really rethink our values and our morals. you have good people on both sides who come here to serve, they're attacked with language all the time. we have -- look at this, take the temperature down. these are real people with real families. and if you get that kind of leadership, i think that signals to the rest of the country, hey, these are not sitting targets. these are real men and women who
5:32 am
have families and lives. brian: they have to be in two places at two times. a lot of time they go home get blistered in town hall meetings whether health care or some other issue you, you wonder in the big picture is it worth it, and you see something like this happen, steve scalise and two others were shot. overall two people shot and two capitol policeman. steve scalise, according to one report, had to crawl off the field, bleeding from the hip. thanks so much, congressman. >> one point, you make a good point. politics is hot. taxes are hot, temperatures rise, but so often now they turn not just conversation on policy violent language and vie lent threats we see in our offices every day. that is a real concern that i have. my thoughts and prayers are with the capitol police an steve scalise and his family this morning. >> well-said. thank you, steve steve one of
5:33 am
the congressman in attendance, alabama congressman mo brooks, he was being interviewed earlier on cnn i will read verbatim. i'm own the third base side of home plate swinging the baseball bat because i was next up. i saw the rifle. first i didn't know what the bang was. then i look, see the rifle, i got a glimpse of the shooter. i ran around home plate and hid behind the batting cage. there were probably 10, 20, 30 shots fired. he noticed his colleague steve scalise had been shot. he of course the house majority whip. he says, congressman brooks goes on and says, he was dragging his body from second base infooled to the outfield to fet away from the shooter, said the congressman, who was at the baseball field. applied pressure to his wound. he believe he used his belt as a tourniquet. the blood trail was 10 to 15 yards long. there were 30 people from the republican team practicing for
5:34 am
the game, supposed to be tomorrow night. brooks said my adrenaline is raging. of course it is never easy to take people around you getting shot. you don't have a weapon yourself. so you're pretty helpless. he was hit in the hip and taken by helicopter to a local hospital. we heard from some of people on location sounds like it was the trauma center at fairfax hospital which is a about 10 miles further to the west of alexandria. brian: let's bring in now somebody else who was on the field, congressman brad unstrap who was on the field. he just dropped out. he reached out said he could provide more information. the shooting seemed to come from the third base side. we know according to congressman desantis, maybe when he left five minutes before the shoot be happened, roughly he was playing second base. when you're playing second base,
5:35 am
taking ground balls, you're kind of isolated. when you're sitting in outfield, you could have a group of people. as most powerful guy on the field unless paul ryan showed up or kevin mccarthy, and very distinctive-looking lawmaker, i'm wondering if this was a targeted situation? abby: we heard from the president this morning. they're watching it closely. he said the vice president and i are aware of the shooting incident in virginia and monitoring developments closely. we're deeply saddam hussein by this tragedy. our thoughts and prayers with members of congress, their staffs, capitol police, first-responders and all others affected. we had congressman sean duffy on the phone he made a great point. often in ourç extremely politicized culture we forget these rao people with children, with families trying to do good things for this nation. when something happens, it makes us realize we're all humans at end of the day. brian: it does, it is called service. these people don't do it to get rich and 99% of the time to give
5:36 am
back to their country because they feel like they can make a difference. steve: what is interesting, about what ron desantis, the congressman from florida toiled us a few moments ago, usually members about of the congress, the average person who lives outside of washington, d.c., thinks if you're representative or senator you have a security detail. that is not the case. so had there not been a member of house leadership or senate leadership in attendance at that game there would not have been a security agent. and as rand paul said, apparently he was there as well, he said had there not been the security detail of steve scalise, it would have been a massacre. just to know the fact sounds like there is a possibility that the gunman, who went out and talked, went out to some members of congress and asked them, hey are these democrats or republicans? , that is a little suspicious. brian: let's bring in senator rand paul right now, senator
5:37 am
paul, thanks so much for joining us. you are a medical background. could you have been a great help. what can you tell us. where were you when the shooting happened? >> i was in the right field batting cage outside of the field and the first thing we heard was a loud gunshot. and i grew up in the south so it wasn't that uncommon to hear like a shotgun go off, random gunshot, i got to thinking we're not in south, we're in the city, before we think too much, nobody dove for the dirt for the first shot. the first shot and couple seconds, five or 10 shots in a row. people began to drop. representative scalise was out at second base, probably 50 yards from me. but in between he and i about a 10-foot fence. there was no way to get to where he was. it was killing field, wide open with an ar-15. there was burst of 50 to 60
5:38 am
shots. steve: senator, why do you say it is an ar-15? >> people said the sound of it sounded like it, and did appear he had a rifle. steve: so you saw the bun man? >> vaguely. i'm probably 75 yards, i was lucky in the sense that i been at home plate taking batting practice and i was walking out and sometimes jeff flake goes home with me. he said can i have a ride. i said yeah, i will do one more turn in the batting cage. i was in the batting cage which was fartherrest point where the shooter was. i was 20 steps from him. the luckç of happenstance i was walking away at the farther heft point. so when the gunshots came in rapid succession, there was a big oak tree in front of the batting cage. it took another 10 or 20 shots, then i was still guessing they were coming from that side. i didn't know which side of the
5:39 am
tree to stand on. brian: wow. >> inside of the right field fence a couple of staffs raced around the track but there is a 20-foot fence. i can't get to them. they can't get to me. but at some point you've got to decide whether to stay and if the gunman advances you have no chance or you got to run. so one of the staffers quickly climbed in about two seconds, climbed the 20-foot fence. hopped down behind me, we're behind the tree. gunshots are ringing out. representative scalise goes down. we can see him, we can't get to him, nobody can get to him until the gunman is brought down. there are five or 10 congressman hunkering down in the first base dugout. the gunman was behind the third base dugout. steve: where was congressman scalise' he security he detail? >> they're usually in a black suv somewhere around the field. at this point the gunman is reloading. there is probably 50 or 60 shots.
5:40 am
we can't really see him that well, but my gut feeling i have to decide to stay or run. at this point i think he is advancing towards us. people are moving behind different buildings. most everybody is closer to the gunman than i am. i'm at distant point. staffer made it over the fence we're trying to decide to stay or go. at this point the capitol police began returning fire. i do believe without the capitol hill police it would have been a massacre. we had no defense, we had no defense, no defense at all. brian: do you have security? >> i think best not to talk about it. i can say, i think we're lucky that scalise was there because this was his security detail, without them it would have been a massacre. there would have been no stopping this guy. with were like sitting ducks. we had no place to run. fortunately i was outside of the ball field in the batting cage. everybody else was inside the fence in the dugout.
5:41 am
you have a wide open field. it's a killing field. they have to run to an exit. they were hunkering down. the dugouts are somewhat submerged. they're below ground level trying not to get shot. they have someone wounded in there, they're applying a tourniquet in the dugout. they're trying to make a decision, do we stay or do we go? it's a difficult decision because when someone, you have automatic weapon fire, semiautomatic weapon fire coming towards you you have to decide whether to stay or go. at some point we felt like he might be advancing towards us we decided we were defenseless to make a run for it. weç ran out the right field fee and climbed a couple of fences. staffer was driving by in a car. we actually got in the car of the staffer who took us to the capitol. abby: no one thought could happen in this time of the morning in this location. senator, have there been any security concerns leading up to this? of course this was all in pep operation for this big baseball game that is supposed to happen
5:42 am
tomorrow night at the nats stadium? this is lighthearted moment at a time so politicized between republicans and democrats, has there been any sort of security concern practicing out in these field before? >> sad irony about this, this is one of best bipartisan things we do in congress. it allowed me to meet democrat member, house members, we joke and carry on. we raise over half a million dollars for literacy project and boys & girls club of d.c. it is one of the good things we do. everybody complains we don't get along. if this turns out to be politically motivated sort of a sad day they will shoot the people doing a bipartisan game for charity. it ruins it for everything because, you know, we'll have to be locked down and have more protection. we just become, i don't know, it is sad this is what it has come to. brian: more walled off than ever. talk about this incident in particular, senator. i know you're just putting it together. you're remarkably calm. that is just your demeanor too especially because you grew up around guns, maybe you're more
5:43 am
accustomed to sound than most like i would be, you're saying you heard first one shot. then you heard a series of shots. overall how many shots can you say roughly that you heard? >> at least 50 or 60 shots. brian: okay, go ahead. >> then i would say, then we started hearing a different report, gunshot report. that was from the pistols of the capitol police. like i say i can't say enough about their bravery. i think both were shot. i hope they survive. but without them nobody would have you survived. abby: did you see who took the gunman down ultimately? >> i was not close enough. the luck of happenstance i was fartherrest possible point from gunshots when he started because i had gone to the batting cage. brian: can you tell us how soon you had backup out there to back up the twotol policeman were there because majority whip steve scalise had security with him? >> i don't blame whoever was
5:44 am
coming. it just would have taken too long. there wouldn't have been anybody left without the capitol police. brian: how soon did back up get there? >> you know the gunshots were going on for at least maybe ten minutes, but the thing is, is, nobody was still there. the only people there were capitol hill police. we were so lucky they were there, they saved everybody's life by being there. steve: folks just joining us, it is 8:44 in alexandria, virginia, 90 minutes ago aç long gunman apparently with a rifle, went up to congressional baseball game practice, the game is supposed to be tomorrow night at nationals field, before he was started shooting, he without the gun, asked, are these republicans or democrats. cam back in running clothes. brian: we don't know if that was the shooter? steve: there was report after shooter asked of another person.
5:45 am
we heard that as well from one of the people who was on our air a little while ago. steve scalise, the house majority whip was shot in the hip. it sound like he is going to be okay. he was medevaced we believe to fairfax medical center in fairfax, virginia. there were two members of his security detail in capitol police they were shot as well. sound as if one of them was able to take down the shooter. the shooter himself, there had been an earlier report we mentioned from a member of congress, they believed he was dead. apparently he has been apprehended and is in enroute to the hospital. brian: i want to bring in congressman brad wenstrup he was not only on the field but treated steve scalise on the field. i can't imagine what is going through our mind and can you share what you saw and how the majority whip was left. >> i certainly can. i felt i was in iraq but without
5:46 am
my weapon. i had just gone to the batting cages coming in from the field and heard the shot and everyone got down. and then i noticed that steve was down playing second base and, everyone was trying to get off of the field. steve was really unable. security detail that fortunately was here because steve scalise was here, began to respond. a few other people got hit. steve: okay. >> and we could see the shooter beyond the dugout along the third baseline. steve: stand by a second. jeff flake is making a statement. he is also in attend dance. let's go there. >> but i got steve scalise's phone and called his wife. i just didn't want her to wake up and hear the news and not know what was going on. so i talked to her. >> senator jeff flake of arizona >> marti the photographer was there. i think mo brooks came in during
5:47 am
that time. you would see more and more pile in. there were about 12, some staff, some members maybe, six, eight members. in the dugout. but like i said, there were people hiding behind trees. there is a dog park over there. there are always people over there. so i think they were running the other direction. >> you said ten minutes to get the gunman down. but you had security details. what took so long? >> he had a lot of,@1t a lot of ammo. i think he must have been secured behind the third base dugout for a while. so, it was tough to get to him. >> tactical standpoint? >> i, seemed so. initially he was right out in the open. marty, our photographer saw him raise the gun first time, the rifle. but he said, he thought why in the world is somebody bird hunting out here at this time. just, i, looked like 40, maybe
5:48 am
50 white, dark hair, white, with a blue shirt on. i think jeans. my view of him was just quick, behind the dugout. when i realized he had a line of sight into the dugout with all the members there, then, we, we obviously went back down quickly. >> there were reports of 50 to 100 gunshots. obviously because capitol police were returning fire? >> yeah, that, 50 would be an understatement i'm quite sure. reporter: senator, we're joined by a national audience, can you recap exactly what you saw? >> well we were, we were doing batting practice. there are a number of members and staff fielding. steve scalise was on second base, playing second base, fielding balls and all of sudden we heard a, heard a very loud shot. everybody thought, sounds like a gun. and the gunman was over by the third base dugout with a clear view of the field and everybody on it.
5:49 am
and, then all of sudden, a couple more shots and we knew what it was. and i just remember seeing some gravel, you know he, bounce up, as shots were coming near us. so we climbed into the dugout. and, tried to get our own people engaged. some people are calling 911. it was at least ten minutes because we were applying pressure to one of the staffers was shot in the leg and we got a belt out, put that on. we could see steve scalise out into the field. he dragged himself after he was shot from near is being base, about 10 or 15 yards into the field, a little further away from the gunman. but he was laying motionless out there. so i wanted to get to him but there were still shots going over head from both sides. and so finally, when we heard, that the shooter was down, i
5:50 am
just ran low, out to steve, and started putting pressure on the wound. and we, for about 10 or 15 minutes did that in themedics arrived. reporter: how many members of congress? >> about 25. all republicans. the game is tomorrow. so, this is a, we've beenç doig that for, i've been in congress for 16 years. this is my 16th year doing it. reporter: what is it? tell for those who don't know. >> we have a congressional baseball game for charity. this year we'll raise about $650,000 for some underprivileged kids here in d.c. it is one of the longest institutions in congress, roll call trophy goes to the winner. it's a great event. about 10,000 people get out to the game. so it's, it's a game for charity we do every year. reporter: republicans versus democrats at nats stadium. this is the final practice.
5:51 am
>> whether that game is scheduled to be played tomorrow. i hope steve is okay. i did call his wife. i got his phone and called his wife to make sure sure when she woke up she didn't hear news -- brian: that was senator jeff flake of arizona. he was on the scene. you heard him describe the harrowing events. you heard him describe the shooter, blue shirt and jeans. he also managed to pick up the phone and call the wife of steve scalise and give him an update on his condition. he is known to be in stable condition being treated in an area hospital. abby: he said they were hiding in the dugout what felt more than ten minutes. he said 50 shots that is understatement. you can imagine how long that ten minutes must have felt. steve: no kidding. he was at bat during the shooting. he said lawmakers were sitting ducks. he had a lot of ammo. we have on the phone somebody in attendance, colonel in u.s. army reserve, member of congress from the great state of ohio. we're talking to brad wenstrup who is also a doctor.
5:52 am
tell us how you were given your background, congressman, able to administer aid to skief scalise. >> once the shooting stopped, i left my position behind the building, keep an eye on him. ran out there with senator flake and began putting compression on the wound and checking him out, doing what you call a sweep, checking for any other wounds. when the medics came we had better bandaging to put on the wound, kept him stable and made sure he was conscious, aware, got him some hydration. stablizeed until the ambulance could come. brian: wow -- steve: what was the condition of the security agents because we understand both of them were shot as well? >> i couldn't tell you at this point. i stayed with steve. i did see others were being attended to, did have injuries and some blood. abby: congressman, we're showing everyone watching live shots of the scene right now. you can see the medics on the scene.
5:53 am
moments earlier of the dugout where we just heard senator jeff flake many were hiding out sounded like ten minutes or so more period of time. did it seem like the gunman knew what he was doing? did it seem like he was targeting anyone in particular? >> i don't know. he wasç firing all over the place. there were a lot of rounds being fired. it became difficult to tell who was actually doing the shooting at some point because, we did have a response, thank goodness. alexandria police came as well. so it took a while, people were taking cover wherever they could. he was active shooter, moved from one position to another where he had protection. went from behind the dugout to behind a building. at the end he came out with a pistol. he must have run out some of his ammunition on his rifle, used his miss toil. and then police closed down on him. they apparently hit him he was on the ground. they were yelling don't move, don't move, don't move!
5:54 am
once i felt they had him secure and jeff flake and i ran from different directions out to steve scalise and started to help him. brian: congressman, you're saying he had two weapons. we know he had blue jeans and blue shirt, jeans, and had at least two weapons. real quick was steve scalise conscious when you were treating him and how would you describe him? >> he was. he was as brave as he could possibly be. he said i'm thirsty. obviously, you don't know how much fluid he may be losing internally. we made assure got as much fluid, gatorade and water until they could get to him. as soon as they start iv the sooner better. brian: you as a surgeon, background, army reserves, served in iraq. how for the taught with us to have you there to have you and your military background at that time. congressman, thanks so much for sharing your story. >> i'm glad i was there. just a sad day in america.
5:55 am
brian: absolutely. steve: congressman, thank you very much. commenting on this sad day in america, president trump four minutes ago tweeted this out, representative steve scalise of louisiana, a true friend and patriot was badly injured but will recover. our thoughts and prayers are with him. that from president donald trump who today is celebrating his birthday. abby: sounds like there were a lot of heroes on that field. david miller was one of them who was nearby, who we can bring in. david, do we have you on the phone? >> yes, you do. abby: you were nearby. walk us through what happened. you sheltered in a number about people part of all this morning. tell us what happened. >> i live in the apartment building across the street from where the shooting occurred. was standing in my kitchen. heard some noises. sounded like gunshots but wasn't sure. walked out to the patio and realized it was gunshots, coming in bursts with pauses. you could actually smell the
5:56 am
gunshot in the air, the smell of that in the air. ran done to a side exit to our building to get a better vantage point. people actually -- [inaudible] at that point in time bumpedç into another one of our residents of the building, we realized there were people running, running from across the street. we started hollering for them. shots were going on. hollering for them to come inside to get out of the way of harm. five or six people ran into the building. stayed in the stairwell. some of them were baseball players. obviously dressed in attire. bat in hand. covered in dirt. while shots were being fired. people in an adjacent dog park were laying flat on the ground, holding their animals, making sure the animals stayed down. there was no place for them to get sheltered in the dog park. brian: david, hold on just a second. we're going to live press conference now with capitol, looks like capitol police
5:57 am
officer who will update us what happened at the scene. this is alexandria police. they will update us what we know so far from the law enforcement perspective. >> chief michael brown, alexandria police. >> ladies and gentlemen, i will try to make this brief, give you what we currently have at this location. i am chief michael brown of the alexandria police department. i'm joined here by a number of officials that are working with us on this particular scene and evicinity. and what i would like to talk to you, give you an overview, what took place. we received a call of an active shooter, shots fired, at 0709, nine minutes after 7:00 this morning, here at the park on monroe, simpson park. at that time there was a practice team event with a baseball team of folks that were representing the, some folks on the hill. we were there within three
5:58 am
minutes. we do know that officers from the office of capitol police as well as three officers that we had on scene arrived. two of our officers engaged in gunfire, returned fire. beyond that we're not going to make any other statements until such time as we know exactly what has taken place here on this thing. it is an active scene. we have a lot of witnesses we're having to interview. we're collaborating with the capitol police, with the alexandria sheriff's department, with the fire department here in al looks andrea. we're working with the federal bureau of investigation collecting evidence and doing statements, things you normally do in these kinds of situations of the we will try to keep you posted as we get more information. right now we'll try to schedule a press conference hour 1/2 from now. we'll give you an update. right now, that is all we have. i will add we know that five people were transported medically from the scene. we do not and will not give out their names or their locations
5:59 am
at this point or the condition of their injuries. so i'm not going to take anyç questions at this point largely because you have got everything that i'm going to release at this juncture. what i will do now, i would like to ask the chief from capitol police to comp to make a brief statement. come up to make a brief statement. >> good morning. i'm chief of the united states capitol police. >> speak a little louder please. . .
6:00 am
>> at this point we are going to gather investigators together and look at what we have and put the scene together. again, is very early on and there's a lot of witnesses. once we have more information, we will certainly pass on whatever information we can and whatever information we need. >> we are not going twe


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